New Innovative Folkmusic from Austria

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Oliver Podesser

vocals, flutes, mandolin, guitars



Oliver Podesser is a former member of the legendary Ausrtian folk/pop band GRAYMALKIN which was very successful in the 90' ies.
Some might also know him from theater as accompanying musician of Erhard Korens revue SCHMEE & SCHMOIZ

Further projects:------ 1996 Solo-CD WÜD & SHEEN;2 CD's with the bandproject DRUMHERUM ;

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After several musical discourses through rock, blues, funk and jazz, Martin Burböck now goes back to his roots - the Austrian folk music. He packs all the influence of the various types of music into good sounding melodies and harmonies which are characteristic for the musical appearance of Landluft.

Martin Burböck

vocals, guitars,

Wolfram Derschmidt

vocals, double-bass

Wolfram Derschmidt is a well known
and one of the most virtuoso jazz bass players of the intarnational Jazzscene.

For example he plays/played
with artists like:

Eddie Henderson, Art Farmer,
Clark Terry, Bennie Maupin,
Peter OMara, Karlheinz Miklin,
Woody Schabata, Wolfgang Puschnig,
Linda Sharrock..........

But that he's not just a brilliant jazz musician, you can hear on the CD's of Landluft




Martins career started with the guitar dou ZWIEZUPF. During the last few years he did lots of solo concerts and toured through many places in Europe. Until now Martin recorded two Solo CD's. Ahead of that he was a member of the folk- and bluesband GRAYMALKIN and the german varietègroup QUODLIBET. Actually he plays in the folktrio SQUADUNE, and with the german TV journalist Martin Buchholz. And in the band Landluft he shows again: It always sounds better with Martin Moro!

Martin Moro

guitars, mandolin, whistles, different kinds of stringinstruments, percussions